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Almond Cookies


Hangout almond cookies are deliciously fragrant, along with a buttery flavour and are perfectly crisp, with a complete fragrance of almond. Can be paired with some tea, coffee or good conversation.

Butter Cookies


[Veg preparation] Butter is the most important ingredient for tenderised baked goods. Hangout’s butter cookies are crisps to bite and are specially curated for the Indian palate.

Christmas Special Ginger Cookie Jar


Accentuate the Christmas celebrations with a jar of ginger cookies. The wonderfully baked butter cookies are made with dash warm heated stem ginger, adding a comforting and spicy warmth .

Coconut Cookies


Made using desiccated coconut. Hangout coconut cookies are full of flavour and can be enjoyed during the monsoon with a cup of hot coffee or tea.