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Spreading the happiness of baking through our quality and delicious cakes, Hangout Cakes and Gourmet foods is a leading Cakes, Bakery and Gourmet food Chain in Mumbai.

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Bento Cakes

Bento Cakes are all over the internet and Represent the perfect imperfections. Bento cakes are also known as minimalist cakes and are packed in a cute little Bento Box.These petite five inch cakes are small enough to be shared amongst two and are dressed in classy minimalist,vintage designsand pastel shades !!

"Indulge in Excellence: Elevating Every Bite"

Gourmet Products

Hangout Special

Tea Time Cakes

Add a touch of elegance and make tea at home an enjoyable experience with a premium Tea Time cakes.From selections that vary with seasons to those specially curated for the young ones.These cakes can be Customised as per your requirements.Enjoy Your Tea Time !!

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